Open Program

Starting on Sunday, August 8, there will be a diverse program with workshops, skill-shares and more in Lützerath (Climate Camp), Unterwestrich (Schlosswiese) and Keyenberg (MaStaMO Camp). All info can be found in the schedule.


The panel discussions will be interpreted into English/German and, if needed and possible, into other languages. In the workshops we will try to provide whispered translations. If you have a specific need for translation for individual events, please contact us in advance via the info point at the Climate Camp and we will try to find a translation.

Successive Program

System Change not Climate Change! With every horror story about global climate impacts and every renewed political failure of those in power, this call grows louder. But what does it actually mean? What do we want instead and how do we get there? And most importantly, what does it mean for our practice? We want to address these questions together with exciting speakers. Starting on Monday, August 9, 2021, there will be up to four workshops during the day and a joint discussion with the referees in the evening. The program follows on from each other thematically, but it is also possible to attend only individual program points!

Criticism (09.-10.08.)

It is clear to all of us that not everything is running properly, but what exactly is the problem? We look at society, the state and capitalism and try to find out what exactly is going wrong.
Among others with:
* Sergen Canoglu on green capitalism
* Eva von Redecker on critical theory and "Sachherrschaft"
* Camila Schmid on colonialism and racism
* Riv on multiple discrimination
* Alexander Neupert-Doppler on Fossil Capitalism and Utopias.

Utopia (11.08.)

Some thought that it was impossible to theorize about a liberated society because our thoughts are stuck in the unfree society we come from. Others painted colorful pictures of a society to strive for. We want to dare to ask: System Change, where to? How can we organize society differently?
Among others with:
* Mihir Sharam on "decolonial questions about climate activism"
* Lexy with a queer_feminist
* Utopia Workshop
* Simon Sutterlütti on Caring Commonism

Transformation (12.08.)

Reform or revolution? With, against or past the state? Now that we have figured out what is wrong and guessed what could be instead, we turn to the big question: How do we get there?
Among others with:
* Jojo Klick on Commons und social movements
* Initiative Demokratischer Konföderalismus on "Revolution in the BRD?!"

Practice - Connecting fights (13.-14.08.)

Enough talk, now let us do it! The weekend will be about our practice. We want to discuss ways to be sensitive to discrimination and create spaces for empowerment. It will also be about the interplay of different dimensions of domination that have grown historically. We want to look at how feminist and anti-racist struggles belong together with the struggle for climate justice. Because together we are strong!
Among others with: Zade Abdullah and Noura Hammouda on
* Calais – the disaster in the heart of europe
* Mamadou Bah on the intercommunication between BIPoC and the white society.
* BUWA collective on classism in the climate movement
* Autonomous feminist summer school on body mapping
* BIPoC only panel on a decolonial climate justice practice.

Practice - Networking (15.08.)

On Sunday we want to network, exchange and build alliances. For this purpose, three fishbowl discussions are planned, in which different political groups will tell about their practice, how they see the political situation right now, which important next steps are seen and what they wish from other left emancipatory groups...