Resistive Groups

„We stand in solidarity to ensure that all settlements and places remain and that a lively coexistence and a just and self-determined transformation become possible.“

Alle Dörfer Bleiben-Aufruf

the resistance

The mine Garzweiler II will continue to destroy the landscape over the next 18 years, extracting coal and tons of stored CO2 from the ground, destroying the homes of another 1,500 regional people and a lot more mainly in the Global South that have to leave their homes because of climate crisis. The region around the mine is suffering from RWE's attrition. Until 2038 coal is to be extracted in Germany, knowing very well that like this the 1.5 degree limit set in the Paris Climate Agreement will be exceeded by Germany. And it has been clear for a long time that energy from lignite is not necessary to meet our electricity needs. Forced resettlements, the destruction of villages, forests and fertile farmland can no longer be justified by RWE's corporate interests. More Information at
A long-sighted, systemic critique against fossil capitalism has been growing in the region for years. Thus not only the Hambacher Forst next to the mine Hambach became a home where solidarity could be experienced while resisting injust politics. In the villages around the mine Garzweiler II the resistance against the profit-driven climate crime which destroys livelihoods all over the world is growing:

"Alle Dörfer Bleiben" ("All Villages Remain")

is a group of resistant residents who organize demonstrations & discussions around the preservation of the threatened villages.

"Kirche(n) im Dorf lassen" ("Leave The Church(es) In The Village")

regularly invites people to worship on the edge, fights for the preservation of threatened churches & for global climate justice.

"Menschenrecht vor Bergrecht" ("Human Right Before Mining Law")

is a group of residents from the area around the open pit mine who are taking legal action against the expropriations sought by RWE.

Groups such as Ende Gelände, Fridays for Future and Extinction Rebellion are also active in the region and provide diverse resistance with solo actions, occupations and support for the infrastructures of the climate justice movements.

Since July 2020, there is a permanent vigil in Lützerath, the village that is supposed to be next to make way for the mine, which has organized cultural events and is a focal point for resistance to lignite in the region. To the vigil Lützerath!

Also in Keyenberg, there is such a place since September 2020: "Unser Aller Wald", a tree house village that aims to inspire and empower people to change themselves and the conditions in which we live. To "Unser Aller Wald"

And we all meet at the KuloKo together, diverse, colorful and resistant!